Parcs and private garden

Design of a new private garden situated in Conca Verde, Bordighera.

Design of a new private garden in a villa situated in Conca Verde, over thi hills facing the town of Bordighera.

A garden in a perpetual movement
Design in progress ( October 2013 / present)

This lot is situated in a small valley facing south with a beautiful view over the whole Conca Verde area and the sea.
The villa, just renovated, is completely surrounded by the garden. the lot is divided in two macro levels linked by a ramp and a stairway made in stone and cotto.
The lower part of the garden is mostly flat and it is accessible from the front gate and a small slope.
The upper part of the garden is where the villa is situated dominating on the garden.
The project leaves room to wide lawn areas, tracing the perimeter with a bendy and smooth bush layer avoiding a rigid approach.
The vegetation is therefore mostly composed by aromatic, Mediterranean, exotic and perennial plants that paint in uneven spots and shapes the bush layer.
In the upper part the garden opens in a small orchard, a vegetable garden and a rose garden defined and situated in a squared terrace on the east wing of the property.
In the lower part of the lot the project outlines a wide lawn that divides the citrus grove with fragrant bushes and colored plants.

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