Our Concept of Landscape

The nature, biotic and abiotic factors of an area, as it is home to a human culture with its own history.

The landscape is a great “home” where all the inhabitants like humans, animals and plants live together in various environments (such as forests, deserts, cities, countryside, etc.), closely tied together. The landscape encompasses not just the natural elements of shared vision, but it extends to a higher scope enclosing in its meaning the entire habitat of the different species that inhabit it.

The protection and care of the landscape, as well as having great importance for the sustainability of the environment, has a strong economic planning both for the bioenergy and aesthetic value. That’s why professionals who have specific skills for working in a complex and multidisciplinary industry like this, as the landscape architect, are needed in order to manage, plan, modify and upgrade the landscape. It is therefore required to think that the design of a portion of land is not an operation that begins and ends in time or in space, because the same landscape is constantly changing, it is “unique” and it has no political and cadastral boundaries.

So landscape experts are involved in the restoration of an area or a historic garden, they redevelop environmentally sensitive areas, unsustainable or depleted, even using methods. Furthermore, our goal is to design new public and private green areas by following its creation at the work’s supervision. No less important are the advice and information for a correct and even better use of urban, public, private and natural green spaces even at the end of the design.