Another important skill of the landscape architect is the ability to renew the green areas, with a special focus on the ones with specific environmental problems such as disused mines and landfills, beaches or riversides on high density areas and with a high pollution rate, abandoned industrial areas and suburbs in corse of redevelopment.

The main substantial difference between the concept of restoration and requalification is that while restoring a site we bring back the planimetric asset of a determined historical moment trying to bring back in front of our eyes the image of that particular era, requalifying it means instead not to bring back an image but a function: bring back the original purpose of a site giving to it new life, new biomass and a new organization.

In other words to requalify means changing the near future of a site by all means sustainably rejuvenating it bringing improvements on a social and environmental scale.

In the peculiar case of a private garden the process of requalification starts by generation a brand new layout of the garden based on the existing one maximizing his potential dealing at the same time with his problems and weaknesses.