Parcs and private garden

Design of a garden in Camporosso

Simplicity and space organization
Design finished (April 2013)

Right at the top of the ridge that separates the Nervia valley from Ventimiglia, lays a Villa surrounded by a beautiful half terraced and half flat garden.
Aim of the project was to cover some of the not windowed external walls of the villa and diminish the visual impact of the building on the surrounding environment.
Another objective, somewhat unusual in the previous projects, was to open particular views on the outside given the high quality of the panorama towards the hills and the seaside.
The garden has been divided in thematic areas: the aromatic garden, the citrus grove, the playground lawn, the orchard, and the Mediterranean grove.
Parts of the design are an overflow pool surrounded by summer blossoming flowers and flowerbeds in ‘’riviera’’ style, a barbecue area where an arbor will be placed to protect the external dining spot.

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