Parcs and private garden

Park design in London

Armony and respect of the existing vegetative asset
Design still in progress (from June 2013)
Right in the heart of an important golf club in the English capital there is a prestigious complex of villas surrounded by a beautiful wood of Scottish pines and oaks.
The property includes two unified lots with two villas and most importantly two different kinds of vegetation.
The project is meant to literally resew and reunite the two different gardens making it a ‘’unicum’’.
The new project needs to take in account the existing plants with a multitude of different kinds of trees with different heights from the smallest all the way up to some ‘’Pinus sylvestris’’ raising their branches 20 meters off the ground.
The aim  is to follow and reconstruct around the two buildings the entire garden with a new design for its bushed areas, lawns and woods for a total area of 2 hectares.
The project, still in his preliminary stages, places in various spots in the park different kinds of areas with different kinds of functions  such as recreational, meditative, relax. The plans have slowly come to life bringing a marble ‘’gloriette’’ right above the new big pond, a pergola will cast the needed shade over the tennis spectators around the court, an outdoor theatre, a nymphaeum, a huge fountain in front of the main villa and an adventure park hidden in the deep woods. The choice of the plants have been guided by the passion of the client for the natural efflorescence of the vegetation and the different colors of nature.
The park shows large areas with different kind of bushes with flowers that blossom periodically changing the garden skin’s color and the flavor  multiple times a year.

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