Landscape project for an Hotel in Levanto

Landscape project for an Hotel in Levanto

Terraced garden, casting a lawn towards the valley
Design finished (November 2008)

The design was oriented towards facilitating the fruition of the garden for all the hotel guests.
The hotel, newly constructed, has been designed to look like a modern version of a medieval ligurian hamlet.
The complex is articulated in multiple buildings linked by glassed canopies.
The garden, on multiple levels, has a panoramic view towards the surrounding valley and, looking carefully at the skyline is possible to peak at the seaside.
Behind the hotel lays a pine grove with a picnic area.

On the terrace of the hotel there is a pensil garden where we organize a representative garden with sofas, arbors with flowers and exotic plants.
Coming out of the hotel the multiple terraced levels with dry stone walls and slopes show us different panoramic views.
The pathway that slowly comes down the hill takes us to two crucial elements of the garden: the outdoor theatre and the cavern with the pool.
The theatre, completely surrounded by vegetation, is the summer focal point of the garden with plays and shows organized by the hotel.

The pavement is covered of lawn grass and the theatre is surrounded by evergreen hedges and seasonal blossoming flowers.
The overflow pool, of irregular shape, has a beach on one side and a cave on the other. The entrance of the cavern is hidden by a small waterfall and inside it there is a whirlpool system.

The ‘’life motive’’ of the garden is the harmony of the shapes without aiming for the absolute symmetry of the elements or a perfect squaring up of the space.
The lawn comes downhill flooding the terraces as a river would do with the different ‘’rooms’’ of the garden.
At the very end of the garden there is an orchard and an olive tree grove.

Design of public areas