Garden Redevelopment of a residential garden in Cap d’ Ail

Garden Redevelopment of a residential garden in Cap d’ Ail

A true 18th century formal building with a two hundred years old ”Belle Epoque” garden

Design in progress (August 2014)

This famous residence is the biggest and most imposing complex in Cap d’Ail.

With its 80 luxury units this residence has a huge garden.

The garden develops mostly on the southern wing of the complex hosted by a wide terrace facing the sea and the ”plage Mala”

The garden proudly hosts some old and high Phoenix canariensis, Oinus helepensis and some huge Cinnamomum camphora. Between the pathways ans the slopes the bush layer offers some beautiful compositions of succulent and aromatic plants.

The condition of things despite a good maintenance is witnessing a gradual deterioration of the garden caused by the terrible condition of the sustaining walls and the progressive disappearance of the bush layer.

The project of restoration focuses on the renovation of the sustaining walls, the water drains on the side of the pathways and the planting of new trees and bushes.

The restoration process includes a modernization of the irrigation system and the addition of a lighting system in order to enhance the qualities of the garden.