Garden design of a terraced space in Bordighera

Design of a hanging garden and restoration of the immediate surroundings of the new and the old building

Restoration of a rustic building with new modern and ecofriendly additions.

Design in progress (May 2014)

Right next to the exotic gardens ”Pallanca” in Bordighera, on their south side facing the sea, we can find two small and ruined stone rustic buildings placed right next to the terraced broom plantations.

The design has been laid out with the cooperation of another architectural firm.

the project includes the restoration of the two existing stone rustics and the construction of a new structure aimed to link them. The roof of the new complex will be terraced and set up to host a hanging garden.

This solution while adding a new feature to the existing buildings adds a new roofing style completely different from the usual inclined pitches.

The vegetation chosen for the two terraces will mostly be exotic with a few composition of succulents.


Parcs and private garden