Garden Project in Kazakistan

Garden Project in Kazakistan

A green belt following the perimeter with an equipped garden in the middle.
Design still in progress (from June 2013)

In the important city of Almaty there are a few complexes of villas gathered around the pulsating center of the old capital city.
The project site is positioned on a slight slope that allows a great panoramic view towards the north where the high and beautiful mountains of the Tian Shan lay under a thin layer of snow.

The buildings on the property are a Villa, the SPA (swimming pool, hammam, Turkish bath) with a pensile roof and the garage with terrace for the mini golf.
The project aims, as much as possible, to hide from the view the surrounding buildings and at the same time give some extra privacy to the residents.
Another objective of the design is to create some functional and livable areas in the garden both for adults and kids.

The project has therefore evolved fitting in his many needs, including a tennis court, a small kennel, a fountain, a playground for kids and a few parking lots, to his relatively small size (5600 m2 and only 300 m2 of vegetative area).

After multiple proposals, including some designs of a small lake, a small greenhouse for the winter garden, the project here shown has finally come to life.

A deep study and the consciousness of the hard climate conditions with sultry hot summers and freezing cold winters have brought to the choice of the vegetation and the type of the irrigation and lighting systems.
Very detailed has been in fact the study of the flora to plant in this kind of garden using a large amount of conifer and rustic deciduous trees.

A whole lot of different flowers have been used including rosaceans and bulbs.
The garden has been designed to have an almost immediate effect in terms of the size of trees and hedges.

Parcs and private garden